February 8, 2011

Visual Communications

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:58 am by Jonathon Heide

State of the Union Address

This might be more on the technical communications side of the English spectrum, but I was excited to see what Whitehouse.gov did for the State of the Union Address. As more people migrate to watching “television” on the Web (really, more like watching “media” on the Web), more agencies and companies are offering an enhanced viewing experience (about time people).
Whitehouse.gov made the State of the Union address visually appealing and a combination of a Keynote presentation and the live video footage of the actual speech. See screen shot above.

Hopefully more organizations and networks will follow this lead, utilizing more of the options available for communicating effectively.



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  1. MNSU GSEA said,

    Visual elements add a great deal to any message. Especially with it’s a multi-modal presentation like that State of the Union speech. Now that you bring it up, I realize all of my lectures in class are interactive and have visual, video and audio elements. Well, the ones for which my students stay awake ;] It might be that the only way to communicate (for any length of time) will be through multiple forms of mediums. Cool post- thanks Jonathon!

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